Wichert Akkerman

Software design? Strange hacks? All of the above please!


Unless noted otherwise all presentations are copyright by Wichert Akkerman. You are free to use (parts of) these talks for other talks. However if you do please add a reference back to these pages.

2Style4You en Python (Dutch)

An overview of how Python is used by 2Style4You.

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Lessons from other frameworks

This talk tries to provide an overview of lessons that Plone can learn from other python frameworks.

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plone.org infrastructure

This talk gives an overview of the infrastructure used to manage the plone.org website itself and related services.

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Dive into PAS

This is a tutorial providing a brief introduction into the Pluggable Authentication System used by in Plone. It describes the basic concepts and shows how to write basic PAS plugins

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Debian overview

A short overview of the Debian project and its GNU/Linux distribution.

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Security Conscious Linux

A brief overview of securing a Linux system and what to do when the inevitable happens.

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Evolution of the Debian package management system

An overview of how the dpkg package management system evolved between 1994 and 2001.

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Making a GNU/Linux distribution LSB compliant

An investigation into what is involved into making a Linux distribution LSB compliant.

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