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Allowing unicode ids in Zope

I recently had someone ask me why certain files were not showing up in a Reflecto instance. This turned out to be caused by the use of non-ASCII filenames. Reflecto was doing the correct thing and skipped those files since those would not result in valid object ids in Zope. Since that is a not very user friendly I started poking around in Zope to see what would need to be done to fix that. It turns out that the Zope publisher and all URL-handling code already does the right thing: URLs are properly quoted and unquoted in all the necessary places. This allowed me to simplify the valid id checks in Reflecto, and suddenly those non-ASCII files showed up and worked fine. Unicode URLs just worked:

Screenshot of Reflecto

After having finished this I started wondering what it would take to loosen the id rules for Zope itself. Zope has one golden rule: object ids (both the traditional id attribute and the newer __name__ attribute must be str instances. Using that as a basis I started modifying code to allow any valid UTF-8 encoded alphanumerics instead of just ASCII alphanumerics. Doing this revealed a few things:

  • Even though Zope does not allow it some packages did use unicode ids because they were using ZTK packages designed for (what used to be) Zope3 such as zope.container.
  • Simple browser pages defined via ZCML accidentily got a unicode __name__.
  • There are far too many code paths for validating object ids and at least two implementations for the actual checks: for unknown reasons Plone decided to reimplement this.

Where possible I fixed the use of unicode ids in the original packages. In order to test the use of UTF-8 ids I created a new experimental.utf8id package which applies some careful monkeypatches to loosen the id tests and modify default normalized and name choosers. With that package installed Plone seems to work fine with non-ASCII object ids:

Screenshot of Plone

Currently this is not for the faint of heart: it requires unreleased versions of Zope, plone.portlets, plone.app.portlets and experimental.utf8id itself. It is however a promising start. As far as I can see there is no reason we can not start making these kind of changes for Zope 2.14.

If you want to give this a try grab experimental.utf8id and follow its installation instructions.