Wichert Akkerman

Software design? Strange hacks? All of the above please!

New site

The previous incarnation of this site was build completely on XML and XSLT: all content was stored in XML form and converted to XHTML using a bit of XSLT, either pregenerated server-side or in-browser for the more capable browsers. That was a neat experiment, epsecially back in 2004, but it made updating the content very painful.

I had two goals for this version: managing content should be simple, and the site must not require a lot of resources to run. This quickly led to the decision to use a static site generator. Unfortunately the majority of those are designed to build a blog-like site and assume that you want to have a single aggregation of pages in a single place. I wanted the ability to have multiple combinations; for example a page that lists all articles as well as a page that lists all my presentations. At some point I ran into StrangeCase, which does not make any assumptions; basically it renders templates and provides a simple DOM you can poke at in your templates to create things like listings or do other things. Sweet, simple, and very flexible.