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Lingua 2.4 released

Lingua is a Python package that helps you find translateable texts in your Python code, HTML files and other sources and generates POT-files for them. It is the recommended tool for this Pyramid, but can be used for all Python code.

This release fixes several problems:

  • When a Chameleon/ZPT template used multiple pipe-separated expressions such as tal:define="css_class css_class|string:${field.widget.class}" lingua would abort with a parse error. github issue 39
  • If a message did not contain a percent-character lingua would incorrectly flag it as a c-format message.
  • The timestamp in the POT header %H:%M format instead of %H%M, which was a slight deviation from the standard broke Babel's parser. github issue 38

As usual you can grab lingua from PyPI or install it directly using pip.